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I heed her call from atop my hill by Mikayla McCarthy

My sword arm is ready and my heart open and true,
My bow is steadfast and strong, my skin painted blue,
My armour of leather keeps my body prepared,
My hands ready to heal, my soul honestly bared,
My eyes are seen to point to the stars,
My words are calming to those who bare scars,
My eyes fill my mind with the drops of the night,
My words turn commanding on those without light,
My voice is steady and sweet when the gentle speak,
But roar with fury when the dangerous leap.

For twenty four years my soul walked this earth,
And in the past year finally found peace and mirth,
The Morrigan calls now for the very first time,
For me to ring true to my spirit’s design,
There’s a strong Celt Silure that sits in this mind,
And she’s ready to see, no longer blind,
She’s a soul of passion and warrior’s build,
Celtic and strong walking in to the guild,
The Morrigan calls me, I will heed her word,
And continue to speak so Her voice is still heard

Written by Mikayla McCarthy – recently discovering and answering the call of the Morrigan. You can find Mikayla on Facebook at

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Music & Magic by Sheena Cundy

I honour the Goddess through my life and music. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than sharing the words and melodies I am inspired to create with Her help.

sheena singigIn fact I think She’s been helping me out for longer than I’ve been consciously aware of for many years…

The horse, the transformative life lessons of loss and music have all been the great healers in my life. And the more I learn about the Morrigan and her energy – I’m pretty sure She has played a major part in the spiritual engineering of my life… especially at the moment.

The music is now such a strong connection with Her that I struggle to find the words to express how I feel without it… I would rather sing you a song!
I find my inspiration from the earth beneath my feet, at the edge where the land meets the water and touches the sky… the magic of nature is everywhere.
And so is She.

Here is one of my favourite treasures found on the beach!

sheena treasureI’m blessed to have a large expanse of land, sea and sky around me, living on the South East Essex coastline here in the UK. It’s wild and beautiful and I walk most days with my dog along the beach and beyond. I hear Her in the ripple of the waves, the birdsong and the north wind when it cuts through to the bone. I see Her in the seasons coming and going, the crows circling the fields and in the clouds… all constant reminders of Her presence.

And within the walls of a 7th century Celtic chapel by the beach where I sing and send out healing – I am touched by Her spirit.

sheena chapel

Every song, a spell. A prayer. An act of magic.

Last year at the time of Samhain on a Full Moon, I held a Healing ceremony on the beach in front of a nuclear power station which has been gracing the land for some fifty years or more… It’s a wretched eyesore of a building and although in the process of de-commissioning since 2002, news of the Chinese planning to build another in its place did not bode well. That is, for anyone who cares enough about the earth and her people – which you’d assume would be all of us wouldn’t you? Not so for those who would have only their own interests of money and power in mind.
Small minds at that.

It was time to get to work, to protest, to heal the land in any way we could. Time to call in the Battle Queens, to drum up the Ancestors and draw down the moon.
We chanted, we drummed and we danced.
We worked our magic. And they came. The Mighty Ones, the Old ones and the bright and shining Silver Lady.

It was a night charged with power and I won’t forget it, ever. When faced with such an ugly notion of the future, something had to happen.
Inspiration struck and out of that night, a song emerged.
So I’ll give you the words… although I’d much rather sing them to you. The song is featured on the next album due out in July, so not too long to wait! And for those who are coming to the Wales retreat in October – you’ll get the live version which is always better.

I shall look forward to being there, in Her energy and meeting like-minded Souls. All with much in common I’m sure, not least the Great Queen Herself. No doubt it’s another of Her divinely orchestrated affairs!

Have a good Summer,
Musical blessings to all,
Sheena )O(

sheena band

Draw Her Down

What do you care enough to fight for?
Enough to wear your battle crown?
Why do you stand and stare at the moon this night for?
The power there…and draw her down

Let Her in now…blood and bone
Make a moon vow…of your own
…body, you will give birth!
Draw Her down into the earth

What do you know is right or wrong now?
She of the sky, the land and sea
Ask Her where do we belong and how…
Will She talk to you, will She talk to me?

Let Her in now…blood and bone
Make a moon vow…of your own
…body, you will give birth!
Draw Her down into the earth

Now draw your sword and think of glory
A warrior’s word and a maiden’s shield
It’s time to write a different story
And tell it on the battlefield

Let Her in now…blood and bone
Make a moon vow…of your own
…body, you will give birth!
Draw Her down into the earth

Morrigans Path

Sheena is author of The Magic of Nature Oracle, singer songwriter with Morrigans Path and her debut witch-lit novel The Madness and the Magic released in November 2015 with Moon Books. She is a Witch, Reiki master and teacher of the Tarot.

Sheena is currently writing the sequel to her novel and a non-fiction book on psychic development for the Witch as a work in progress on the Moon Books blog, Your Magical Nature.

Info on the Warrior Spirit Workshop can be found here. 

Morrigan’s Path can be found on Facebook here.

© Sheena Cundy 2016





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