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The Art of Caitlin Urksa

Caitlin Urksa is French, 51, and teaches English to 11- to 14-year-olds. She has always been an artistic type at heart, drawing, painting, sculpting, making things she jokingly says that her Muse is hyperactive.  She has been a pagan for 30 years (sort of Druid-ish Wicca first), and then the Great Queen came barging into her life some 10 years ago, which changed quite a lot of things.

The first painting here is a portrait of the Great Queen that she did in 2010, and the second photograph shows the story of the painting as it came into being. Caitlin says that painting the picture of the lady that she saw was a very powerful experience.  The following two images are some of her more recent work inspired by her connection to The Morrigan.


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Morrigan – Oil on Canvas

by Suzi Edwards-Goose

“Where talons rip and wrench and tear,
See her shadow standing there. . .
At moondark when the battle moans,
The raven comes to pick the bones. . .
Carrion claws through flesh are sliding,
When Morrigan the wind is riding. . .”

-Suzi Edwards-Goose

You can learn more about Suzi’s work or contact her via her website and her facebook page:

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Sacred Tattoo – Interview with Morpheus Ravenna

An interview with Morpheus Ravenna of Banshee Arts on sacred tattoo. She shares how she came to this work, one of her own experiences of receiving a devotional tattoo, addresses the question of pain in the context of ritual tattoo, and more.

Morpheus will be joining us for this year’s Call of the Morrigan retreat, ‘Honouring the Blood’ in West Wales, where we will be holding a space for ritual tattoo for the Morrigan at Samhain (27-30 October 2016) – there are still a few spaces remaining, if you’d like to join us you can find out more here.

If you can’t see the video above, you can watch it here.

MORPHEUS RAVENNA – Tattoo Artist, Morrigan Priestess, Spiritworker, and Writer

“I specialize in tattoo design inspired by ancient art and civilizations, and have a passion for ritual and magical tattoos, mythological sources, and Celtic, Norse, Hellenic, and other historical traditions. I recognize tattooing as an initiatory art and in both design and tattooing I strive to serve as a channel to bring my clients’ visions to life as indelible, living art in the skin.

In addition to my tattooing work, I am an experienced artist and spiritual worker. I blend art and ritual through the creation of sigils, bindrunes, and talismans as well as the living art of tattoo.

I’m often drawing, writing, studying Celtic literature, or in the field practicing medieval armored combat. I also serve the Pagan and Polytheist communities as a priest dedicated to the Morrigan.”

You can find out more, or contact Morpheus, at Banshee Arts.  Morpheus will be joining us for the 2016 Call of the Morrigan retreat in Wales. You can find further info about the retreat, and how to book here.

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Morrigan Art by Laura Bell

Laura Bell is a prolific artist and writer. To view more of her work please visit: and connect with her on facebook at:

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by | 6th May 2016 · 8:29 am

The Morrigan


I was just finishing off the last detail on a painting I’ve been working on (actually, it’s bin working on me…) on and off for a few months, when I had an impuls to take a blank canvas out. Iwas sitting with it and then another impulse made me take an orange cayon and I started drawing the shape of a face. And after just a few lines, She was there.
A powerfull and angry looking woman. A goddess I knew she was. First a rather quiet voice inside of me said “Freja?”,but then a strong voice said: “The Morrigan”, and I knew.

I was thrilled, and a little scared, but I didn’t know much  about her, more then being a Warrior Goddess, and I had some faint memories of watching a few You Tube videos on The Morrigan by Laura Daligan. So I watched them again. And was confimed, happy, and humbled, by this Calling of this Powerful, Powerful, Dark, Beautiful, Sexual, Strong, Deep, Loving and of course, much more, beyond words.

I have never been looking for her. She Called me. And our journey has just begun. Or maybe she’s been with me all the time… Either way, I love it.

This is the painting. My journey with it has also just started. I will keep you posted on my work with it and with The Morrigan herself. Beautiful to have a place to share!

The days, or maybe a week before this happened, Crows were showing themselves in a special way to me a few times…

Magdalena Ellverson, Sweden

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Little Witch Crow Dance #8 by David Seed

12080259_10153683037992354_8936087563713533159_oLittle Witch Crow Dance #8 by David Seed

About David Seed: I’m a painter based in Gloucestershire, a county rich in  ancient history and bronze and iron age sites.   I did a BA in contemporary crafts at what was Crewe and Alsager college of HE in the Eighties where I made sculptures out of reforged and recycled industrial waste but have been producing two dimensional work for a few years now.  I’ve had an interest in Celtic mythology and history for as long as I can remember.  This particular piece is one of a series informed and inspired by the Bean Sidhe and Morrigan archetypes.

You can find him on Facebook at David Seed fine art or on Tumblr.

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by | 7th October 2015 · 4:41 pm