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Morrigan – Oil on Canvas

by Suzi Edwards-Goose

“Where talons rip and wrench and tear,
See her shadow standing there. . .
At moondark when the battle moans,
The raven comes to pick the bones. . .
Carrion claws through flesh are sliding,
When Morrigan the wind is riding. . .”

-Suzi Edwards-Goose

You can learn more about Suzi’s work or contact her via her website and her facebook page:

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Beyond the Veil by Alicia Lavoie

Beyond the Veil

Cloaked by twilight darkness,
Ancestral whispers swirl around me
On widdershin tornadic winds,
While crows dance overhead,
Their glossy black wings caressing
Rough thundercloud-peaked skies.

Cawing Raven, fathomless depths –
The Morrigan calls to me:
“I am within and without you,
Our breath united between worlds,
Where losing center brings you home
To the forged connection between us.”

I mourn for blood spilled
By repeated fists against delicate skin,
My voice silenced by cries of pain
As I fought to right myself years ago,
Seeking balance at labyrinth’s altar –
A yearning to find that lost girl.

The primal Sovereign stirs then quakes
Inside Her earthly cauldron,
Shattering life’s veil of illusion;
And it is here, in this liminal place,
Where I offer up my insecurities
Before the Morrigan’s raised sword.

Alicia Marie Lavoie

About – Grounded in eastern Connecticut, Alicia is a caregiver, herbalist, Reiki master, soul midwife, witch, and writer. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science and a minor in journalism from Johnson State College in 2003 and a certificate in herbalism from Wisdom of the Herbs School in 2013. She walks with the Morrigan, Brigid, and Freyja, attempting to live each day in the present moment.

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