Sacred Tattoo – Interview with Morpheus Ravenna

An interview with Morpheus Ravenna of Banshee Arts on sacred tattoo. She shares how she came to this work, one of her own experiences of receiving a devotional tattoo, addresses the question of pain in the context of ritual tattoo, and more.

Morpheus will be joining us for this year’s Call of the Morrigan retreat, ‘Honouring the Blood’ in West Wales, where we will be holding a space for ritual tattoo for the Morrigan at Samhain (27-30 October 2016) – there are still a few spaces remaining, if you’d like to join us you can find out more here.

If you can’t see the video above, you can watch it here.

MORPHEUS RAVENNA – Tattoo Artist, Morrigan Priestess, Spiritworker, and Writer

“I specialize in tattoo design inspired by ancient art and civilizations, and have a passion for ritual and magical tattoos, mythological sources, and Celtic, Norse, Hellenic, and other historical traditions. I recognize tattooing as an initiatory art and in both design and tattooing I strive to serve as a channel to bring my clients’ visions to life as indelible, living art in the skin.

In addition to my tattooing work, I am an experienced artist and spiritual worker. I blend art and ritual through the creation of sigils, bindrunes, and talismans as well as the living art of tattoo.

I’m often drawing, writing, studying Celtic literature, or in the field practicing medieval armored combat. I also serve the Pagan and Polytheist communities as a priest dedicated to the Morrigan.”

You can find out more, or contact Morpheus, at Banshee Arts.  Morpheus will be joining us for the 2016 Call of the Morrigan retreat in Wales. You can find further info about the retreat, and how to book here.

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Standing Tall, Rising Strong: Working with Trees as Devotion and Service

….Her voice whispers through the leaves….these are the guardians of the earth….protect them in my name….if the trees fall then all is lost….

Many of us are called to the service of The Morrigan, to stand as her warriors. For some this is in the shape of fighting for the planet, fighting for the trees.  Fighting isn’t always about weapons or physical force, sometimes it is about our voices, about ceremony and magic, about standing for what is important in the world.

Trees create the air we breathe, the oxygen that enriches our blood, our blood that gives us life.  When we honour the trees, we honour the blood and we honour the Goddess. The trees need us now, their webs of communication are damaged and broken. We are forgetting their wisdom and power. When the trees fall, we will fall.  

Using ceremony, meditation and craftwork we will explore ways of communicating with and healing the trees of this planet as an act of devotion and service to The Morrigan. We will work outside, on the earth, deeply connected to Her.  We will craft wooden amulets, warrior symbols, signs to the world that we stand for The Morrigan, we stand for the trees.

Standing Tall, Rising Strong: Working with Trees as Devotion and Service with Wild Magpie Priestess Awen Clement is the second of our day workshops at this year’s Call of the Morrigan Retreat, 30 October 2016, in Carmarthenshire, Wales.


Awen Clement is the Wild Magpie Priestess, living and working in the West Midlands, UK. She leads circles and workshops to connect people with the sacred within themselves and the land, and is the founder of the popular online programme, MoonWise Woman.  She is dedicated to Brigid and The Morrigan and has made a lifetime promise to be a Guardian of the Trees in their name.

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Strands of Blood, Strands of Fate: Weaving Our Ancestral Tapestry

What does it mean to ‘honour the blood’ in terms of our ancestral inheritance and our legacy?

As living beings, we carry the threads of fate that weave not only our own futures but that of the world itself. Our choices and our actions have consequences that reach far beyond our own lives and the lives of the people closest to us. To be effective in our roles as creators of the future, it is crucial that we understand our place in the process, where we stand in the weaving of the Wyrd.

Strands of Blood, Strands of Fate: Weaving Our Ancestral Tapestry led by Brennos Agrocunos Gunn  is one of our day workshops at this year’s Call of the Morrigan Retreat, 30 October 2016, in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

In this workshop we will explore our place in our ancestral lineages and learn about different types of ancestors and their influence in creating the beings that we are now. Through discussion, visualization, and guided journeying we will learn to recognize the strengths and challenges our ancestors have gifted us with and learn methods to fulfill our role with intention and create a healthy and just world for future generations.

Brennos Agrocunos Gunn

Photo credit: Joe Perri @ Wolf Mercury Photography

Brennos Agrocunos Gunn is an intuitive psychic, spirit worker, runeworker, and activist. A dedicant of the Morrigan for over fifteen years, he serves Her as both warrior and priest. He is also one of the founders of the Coru Cathubodua Priesthood. Through his devotional connection with Odin, he has pursued runic studies for over twelve years. He specializes in dreamwork and Otherworld travel, spiritual counseling, shielding, warding and spiritual combat, runework, and spirit contact with the dead. His spiritual practice is dedicated to service and as a priest, He works towards social justice, environmental healing, and sovereignty of the land and writes about these and related topics on his blog, Strixian Woods and on Facebook.

To find out more about this year’s retreat, or to book on for the weekend or the day, click here or send an email to callofthemorrigan [at]

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Drum journey to the Morrigan

This week we bring you a shamanic drum journey to connect with the Morrigan. You can use this journey once or many times, just shifting your intention. If you have never journeyed before or are seeking guidance before you begin, come join the Call of the Morrigan FB Community and ask your questions there before you start.

This journey was recorded by Rebecca Wright in February 2014 using an 18-inch frame drum and Dartmoor bone, for the now defunct site, The Shamanic Voice.

About: Rebecca Wright is a shamanic healer and teacher based in the Northeast of England. She is one of the founders of the Call of the Morrigan FB community and UK retreats.

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